Fence staining company minneapolis

Is your fence dressed its best?

Minneapolis Fence Staining Company

Does your backyard fence or commercial wood fence need staining? Are you tired of your fence looking dilapidated? Do your neighbors look at you like you haven't taken a shower in a month? 

DiWhy Exteriors, your Minneapolis fence staining company, provides staining and painting services for your home or business. As we work together, I will not only tell you how my fence has been able to serve its purpose for a long time. I will also tell you how you can make your own fence attain the same feat through staining and painting.

Help your fence last longer and stand stronger

The fact that when your fence gets exposed to water like rain and moisture from the ground, it becomes softer and gradually rot and fall apart.

If your fence has gone a long time without staining, you may be thinking of changing your fence for a new one. Remember, you'll still have to stain the new fence. And refurbishing and staining your fence can give you the same result. 

Show some love to your fence with some TLC and premium stain

Fence Staining Company Minneapolis

Your fence is an essential part of your home; it provides you security and privacy. When fences are stained and sealed properly, they are highly resistant to water damage. The rain will always fall and wet the wood, but the better the job prepping and staining, the longer your fence will last. 

DIWhy can also repair fences that have been exposed to the weather for a long time, even if there has not been proper care or maintenance on the wood uses for your fence.

Maintain your fence for beauty and security you can be proud of

When there is a proper maintenance for the wood that is used for your fence, you will experience greater durability, and also a long lasting fence.

What type of maintenance am I talking about?

It is true that you can’t stop the rains from falling and wetting your fence and in the process adding moisture to the wood that will in time make it because soft and also insect prone. But by painting or staining your fence you will get the desired effect and the durability you have been looking for?

How does fence staining and painting work against moisture? 

Proper staining or painting helps create a barrier that helps prevent moisture from damaging the wood you use for your fence. The choice of whether to paint or stain depends on the individual and your style. DIWhy is pleased to consult with you on the latest in fence stain and paint options.

Stain is sunscreen for your fence

Painting a fence may be less expensive when compared with staining, but it will require more frequent maintenance of the wood. Staining a fence will not require much maintenance. This is because when you paint a fence, the outside of the wood is coated, which helps protect it, but not for too long. Whereas in staining, the fence stain gets absorbed into the wood, providing a better protection. 

Some of the benefits you get when you stain your fence:

  1. Fence stain protects your fence from the sun like wearing sunscreen protects you

  2. Stained fences are less prone to insect attacks

  3. Stained fences are a beautiful highlight of your backyard

  4. When you have a Minneapolis professional stain or paint your fence, it gets done fast while you relax!