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Life is greater with a geyser

DiWhy Exteriors is here to help you make your Minneapolis backyard pond and water features look great!  No matter the season, it's always the right time to start working on your backyard pond construction and maintenance to create and maintain your pond for years to come. From pond maintenance to backyard water feature ideas, we will help you love your outdoor space. 

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Give your backyard a DIWhy Makeover

DiWhy Exteriors provides custom backyard pond construction for your next project. We'll work with you to take your ideas and construct a backyard water feature that will bring your yard to life. Our services include pond design, construction and installation. Now is the time to get stated on the pond you've been dreaming about. Simply contact us today to get started on designing a backyard you'll enjoy all summer long. 

When your pond needs professional help, just call the Pond Doctor

Backyard Ponds Minneapolis

Does your Minneapolis pond need maintenance?  Pond cleaning and maintenance can be a chore. Just think, instead of cleaning your pond you could be out playing polo or climbing Mt Everest. Pond maintenance by the pros just makes sense. We don't just clean and maintain ponds, we build them and enjoy them ourselves. So, you can trust your backyard pond to your neighborhood pond pros. We'll do you proud, and instead of pond maintenance, you can get on with your plans to ride your mountain bike across the Sahara.

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Check out our Driftwood for sale because your pond needs some bling

Minneapolis Driftwood For Sale

How posh is your Minneapolis backyard landscaping? DiWhy has been reclaiming driftwood pieces for sale to help you posh up your pond and yard. Whether you are just starting to design your pond or have been enjoying it for years, our driftwood store is the ideal place to add some pond accessories and update your look.  Each of of our driftwood pieces has been hand collected and comes with a backstory that will be a conversation piece at your outdoor parties for years to come. 


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Is your pond ready for spring? Get our tips on your backyard pond maintenance all year long


Summer pond health tips

7 tips to have the healthiest pond in town

Pond construction Minneapolis, MN

Summer is the perfect time to clean and enhance your Minneapolis backyard pond and water features. Get our sweet tips including:

  1. The simple household ingredient you can use to instantly find leaks

  2. The secret to removing fish faster

  3. The natural way to defeat algae for good


Fall pond shut down

free checklist to shut down your Minnesota pond

Minneapolis Pond Maintenance

Shutting down your pond for the winter just got easier with the simple 7-step checklist from DIWhy Exteriors. Print off the simple cheat sheet to make sure your pond and your fish are ready for a long Minnesota winter nap.

Of course, you can always just call Tim the Pond Doctor and have him take care of it for you.


Spring pond cleanout

It's always the right time to Spring into action

Minneapolis Spring Pond Cleaaning

Spring is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning for your backyard pond. Pond maintenance is a big job. Tim, the pond doctor will be happy to see you! Just click the green button below to schedule your Spring cleanout for your pond or water feature.

Check out our Spring Pond Maintenance Tips