Early spring cleaning ideas for your Minneapolis garden pond

Spring is around the corner and your Minneapolis garden pond has been lying dormant all winter.  Many of our clients ask us if it's too early to start prepping their ponds for early spring clean up.  While it may be too early to turn on your water filtration system (wait for 45ºF), you can still prepare your pond for spring and summer. 


If you're ready to get started with pond maintenance now, these four ideas will get you started until we reach that consistent 45ºF mark. 

1. Start planning improvements 

Now is the time to start planning your improvements for the coming pond season. Think through any additions you wish to make like lights and native plants.  Design a waterfall or fountain feature. Or add some accessories from our driftwood store.  Take the early spring before turning on your water filtration to purchase the necessary supplies for your improvements. 

2. Take Inventory of maintenance supplies

While you're waiting for the outdoor temps to rise, assess your inventory of supplies.  Now is the time to stock up on tools you may be missing like nets for cleaning, waders, aqua gloves and extra tubing. 

3. Invest in a healthy ecosystem

Your pond's ecosystem is fragile in early spring. Organic materials in your pond break down as the weather warms up. You'll see a decrease in pH levels, and an increase in harmful ammonia. While you're stocking up on your pond tools, you should also invest in pH adjusters, biological additives, ammonia detoxifiers, and pond aeration. 

4. Inspect your filtration system

Inspect your filtration system and identify any replacement parts you need this spring. Check for filter cracks and kinks in your plumbing line.  Replace any damaged parts, but wait to turn on your system until it's over 45ºF. 

Taking these steps will help make your spring set up much easier and ensure you enjoy your pond all season long. 

We know garden pond design and maintenance is a big job.  If you're ready to hire a trusted pond guy, then we're here to help.