4 Reasons to Hire A Minneapolis Professional for Pond Maintenance this Spring

As spring shows its full colors in Minneapolis, it’s time to get your backyard pond out from hibernation. While there are many ways to get your pond ready, but only a professional can tell you how your pond is different and how to get it ready. This isn’t the only benefit to having the Pond Doctor help with maintenance. Here are some other benefits of hiring a professional for your pond maintenance.


Expert Advice

Whether or not it is your first DIY project, there may be complications. Not all backyards are the same, and making the pond work with your backyard is something that a professional can give you advice on. They can make suggestions, cater to your style, and show you the ins and outs of pond maintenance.

Special Equipment

Having the right equipment to clean out your pond properly might be a hassle. A professional will have all of the right tools when you need them, and they will know how to handle them correctly. Your pond professional could also give you advice on the best equipment to buy for your pond in the future.


Armed with experience from many years of cleaning, maintaining, and building ponds, a professional can share their wisdom and make sure your pond is ready for the summer. Experience and hands-on work with multiple types of ponds is helpful for fighting off algae and other harmful particles that grow in ponds. They also keep up with trends and new brands.


Identify Potential Problems

Every yard and pond could cause problems in the future, but professional pond maintenance will prevent it or provide solutions for you to weigh out your options. If you have any questions or are worried about potential problems, call the Pond Doctor for more information and have your questions ready.

If you would like the Pond Doctor to help out with your pond maintenance, call us today to get started. All of us at DIWhy are ready to help make your pond the healthiest it has ever been.

4 Things to Do Now to Get Your Minneapolis Pond Ready for Spring

While the weather is still in winter, you may be starting to dream about spring. You can’t wait to get back outdoors and enjoy your Minneapolis outdoor pond and the sunshine. If you like to plan ahead, here are some things you can do now to get ready to open your pond in the spring.


Purchase cleaning supplies

Once the snow melts, there are a lot of leaves and dead plants that will cover your pond and backyard. Make sure that you have a rake to get everything from the surface and a skimmer or pond vacuum to get the debris out of the pond itself.

Plan for your plants

If you plan on putting plants and fish in your pond, you will want to start planning what plants will be best for your fish. Once it is warm enough to clean out your pond, a lot of the plants that were in there before will have to be cleaned out. Remember to get good fertilizer for your plants once they start growing in the pond. While many stores do not have summer plants out yet, now is a good time to start planning and get a jump on your backyard pond design.

Prepare your pond filter ready

Whether your pond filter is tucked away or left outside all winter, you will want to make sure that everything still runs smoothly before you put it back in with your fish. Running your filter for a little while before setting it back up in the spring is a good idea to ensure the health and safety of your fish. If the filter broke in some way, it is good to know early so that you have time to get a new one before uncovering your pond.


Purchase chemical testing materials

Once you’re ready to open your pond up for the spring, you’ll have to check the ammonia and nitrate levels of your pond along with adding any water treatment solution. Obtaining these materials now can save you a lot of time once spring comes. Chemical levels are important to check right away in spring for the health of your pond later in the summer. Get these materials early to tackle your spring relaxation. It is also important to remove your fish while treating your pond’s water. If you have any fish in the water over the winter, make sure you have a place to put them while treating the water in the spring.

For any questions about materials that you need for the spring, don’t hesitate to call the Pond Doctor. All of us at DIWhy are ready to help you get ready for a nice spring and fun summer.

Spring cleaning steps for your Minneapolis Backyard Pond

As the temperatures rise, you may have already started your spring yard cleanup.  If you haven't already done so, it's time to start spring cleaning your Minneapolis backyard pond. You'll want to start early and before the water temperature hits 55 degrees Farenheit. Cleaning after this time can produce unwanted bacteria that will be challenging to get rid of. 


So what do you need to do to start your spring cleaning? We got several helpful steps to have you sitting in that hammock and enjoying your pond. 

1. Gather your tools


Every good spring cleaner starts with some basic tools. These tools will come in handy as you complete the cleaning process.  Make sure you gather: 

  • Clean out pump

  • Waders or boots

  • High pressure nozzle for your garden hose

  • Bucket for debris

  • Extra buckets if you have fish

2. Drain your pond

Once you've gathered your tools, it's time to drain your pond.  If you have fish, you'll want to collect them and transfer them to a bucket with the old pond water before pumping. 

3. Clean up pond bed

Once pond is empty, you'll want to clean the pond bed.  Remove any debris that has collected over the winter and trim any pond plants. 


4. Wash your pond

Use a high pressure nozzle on your garden hose to clean the pond.  You'll want to wash rock beds and filters. Watch for water to start running clear.  You can drain the dirty water with the pump again. 

5. Wash and inspect filters

Now that the pond is drained, it's time to wash and inspect your filters. You'll want to make sure you don't over clean as some bacteria makes for a healthy pond ecosystem. Now is the time to replace filters as needed. 

6. Plan for future algae

While some algae is beneficial for your pond, too much is not a good thing.  You can clean algae naturally by adding shade to your pond with lillies and water hyachinths.  Waterfalls are also a good addition to oxygenate your pond. 


7. Refill and test your pond

Refill your pond with a garden hose. You'll want to test the water once filled.  Your ammonia and nitrate levels should be at 0. Your pH levels should be between 6.6 and 8.4.  You can slowly add your fish back to your pond (as long as your water tests pass) by floating buckets with fish and old pond water on top of your pond first.  Next add a little new pond water to their bucket. This will acclimate them to new water temperature until they are ready to be returned to the pond. 

8. Know when to call the pond doctor

If you feel that you may need some extra help with spring cleaning or you would prefer spending your spring relaxing, call the pros. Contact Tim the Pond Doctor online or simply call 763-742-7948.

Early spring cleaning ideas for your Minneapolis garden pond

Spring is around the corner and your Minneapolis garden pond has been lying dormant all winter.  Many of our clients ask us if it's too early to start prepping their ponds for early spring clean up.  While it may be too early to turn on your water filtration system (wait for 45ºF), you can still prepare your pond for spring and summer. 


If you're ready to get started with pond maintenance now, these four ideas will get you started until we reach that consistent 45ºF mark. 

1. Start planning improvements 

Now is the time to start planning your improvements for the coming pond season. Think through any additions you wish to make like lights and native plants.  Design a waterfall or fountain feature. Or add some accessories from our driftwood store.  Take the early spring before turning on your water filtration to purchase the necessary supplies for your improvements. 

2. Take Inventory of maintenance supplies

While you're waiting for the outdoor temps to rise, assess your inventory of supplies.  Now is the time to stock up on tools you may be missing like nets for cleaning, waders, aqua gloves and extra tubing. 

3. Invest in a healthy ecosystem

Your pond's ecosystem is fragile in early spring. Organic materials in your pond break down as the weather warms up. You'll see a decrease in pH levels, and an increase in harmful ammonia. While you're stocking up on your pond tools, you should also invest in pH adjusters, biological additives, ammonia detoxifiers, and pond aeration. 

4. Inspect your filtration system

Inspect your filtration system and identify any replacement parts you need this spring. Check for filter cracks and kinks in your plumbing line.  Replace any damaged parts, but wait to turn on your system until it's over 45ºF. 

Taking these steps will help make your spring set up much easier and ensure you enjoy your pond all season long. 

We know garden pond design and maintenance is a big job.  If you're ready to hire a trusted pond guy, then we're here to help.