Garden Pond Ideas for Your Minneapolis Backyard

As you begin to thaw out from our Minneapolis winter, you may be starting to think about the state of your yard.  From greening up your lawn to planting flowers, spring in Minnesota means giving your backyard some TLC.  One of the best ways to upgrade your backyard's look is with a fresh garden pond.  Looking for some ideas when it comes to sprucing up your current water feature or designing a new one?  We've got you covered with our garden pond ideas. 


1. Start with an inground water feature

If you're more of a traditionalist, then an in ground design with a pond liner is your best bet.  These designs can be placed anywhere in your yard with the right structure and equipment.  You can customize the shape, location and accessories to create the ideal pond design for your yard. 

2. Use an existing structure


Your existing backyard structures can provide a launching pad for an ideal garden pond design. Consider using existing brick walls, the wall of your home or shed, or even the edge of your deck to design your pond. Using an existing structure can help you place and plan your pond and can save on materials when you start the building process. 

3. Consider repurposing

Depending on the size of your pond design, consider repurposing items for your pond base. Some potential repurposed items can include your old hot tub no one is using, an old boat, metal tub, or planters. These items make great holding tanks for your pond and can give your backyard retreat a boost while staying in budget. 


4. Add some wildlife

Cold water species like koi or goldfish can liven up your backyard pond.  These fish will keep your water clear by eating insects like mosquitoes and keep your water clear of algae.  

5. Dress it up with driftwood

Driftwood can dress up your pond with a decorative feature. Visit our online driftwood store for unique driftwood pieces to decorate your current pond or design a new one. 

6. Light it up

Enjoy your pond all evening long with lights that enhance your design.  Choose from spotlights, garden lights on the outside perimeter, or even floating solar lights that sit on your pond's surface. 

7. Finish it up with plants


Don't forget to put the finishing touches on your pond.  Add some water lilies or other pond vegetation to put the finishing touches on making your backyard retreat beautiful. 

A well-designed pond can turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat in your own neighborhood. If you're ready to start designing your backyard garden pond, DiWhy is here to help and specialized in water features for your home.