5 Backyard Pond Ideas for Your Minneapolis Home

As spring makes it's way to Minneapolis, you may be dreaming of ways to enhance your backyard experience this summer. A great way to spruce up your summer enjoyment is with one of these backyard pond ideas. 


Before you start...

Before you decide on a design, you'll want to choose a pond that fits your space and style.  There are several things to consider before you start. 

  • Do you want an above ground or in ground pond? 
  • Does a formal or casual pond fit more with your style? 
  • Would you want to incorporate a waterfall feature? 
  • Do you want to include fish and plants in your backyard pond? 

After you've made some of these decisions, you're ready to consider the options. 

1. Farm Stock/Bath Tub Pond

This casual looking pond can be an easy addition to your backyard landscape. Recycle a bathtub or purchase your tub new and get started with your design.  For this design, you can keep the tub above ground in a rock garden or put in ground with a little digging. 

2. Converted Hot Tub

If your hot tub is no longer being used, you may be tempted to take it to the curb. But what if I told you that your old hot tub makes a great backyard pond. You can fill her up, add some plants and create a pond to relax by. 

3. Wooden Raised Bed

Option 3 is a wooden raised bed. You can make a wooden frame, line with a pond liner, and start adding accessories to this backyard water feature. 

4. In ground with liner

The simplest way to add a pond to your backyard is to use the space you already have. We help many of our clients install and design in ground ponds with liners.  You'll want to design the size and space and get the proper equipment to maintain your pond all year long. 


5. In ground flat stone

Similar to the in ground with liner, the flat stone pond has decorative stone around the edges and creates a beautiful pond anywhere in your backyard. 

Ponds can be a lot of work, but are well worth the effort when you start enjoying your own backyard oasis. If designing and installing your own pond feels challenging, we're here to help! DiWhy specializes in doing the heavy lifting so you can sit back and enjoy your summer!