4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Minneapolis Garden Pond this Summer

The summer months are the best time to enjoy your Minneapolis garden pond. As you get out and enjoy your backyard, we’ve got four summer pond care tips for you.


1. Go Green! (and Pink, Orange, Purple and more)

Summer is the perfect time to add more plants that pop with color. Depending on your garden pond design, you can comfortably cover half to a third of your water surface. Be sure to keep fertilizing your plants, just like when you began your spring routine.

These additional plants will add beauty, and ensure the overall health of your pond. 

2. Fish are Our Friends


Koi or goldfish not only eat mosquitos and other bugs, but they also help keep the water clear. Feed your little friends only as much as they can eat in three to five minutes. Any more than that can break down and cause complications in the warmer weather. 

Additional plants can help with any warmer weather complications.  Warmer water will hold less oxygen for your fish.  When you add plant cover, the additional shade helps keep the temperature down, increases oxygen capacity, and will directly oxygenate the water. Looking for additional ways to increase the oxygen in your pond? Consider adding a waterfall, fountain or other water feature.  

3. Balancing Act: What do YOU enjoy?


Every pond has its own personality, just like its owner! Do you like a pond design with a more natural look that evokes peace and tranquility? Or do you enjoy a more energizing feature that livens up your yard?

The level of algae, plants, and wildlife (like koi and goldfish) can all be balanced out with the right addition of cleaners, filters, fertilizer and features.

Summertime means a little more fertilizer and algae cleaners for most Minneapolis garden pond owners. 

4. Safety First


One major upgrade you can take advantage of during the summer months is to increase the overall safety of your pond. While incidents are rare, a few landscaping elements and tools can make a big difference when children are present.

Some safety upgrades can include purchasing a custom  cover to put on when kids are present, or lining the bottom of the pond with rocks to prevent slipping on algae. You can also up your safety game by installing fences, or by making sure the sides are sloped. Fences and sloped sides make it more difficult to fall into the deep part of your pond. 

As with any of your garden pond design needs or ideas, we are here to help!  You can get started with a custom pond or maintenance quote.