4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Minneapolis Garden Pond Contractor

Improving your Minneapolis backyard may include designing and installing a garden pond to help you enjoy the short summer months.  Hiring a pond contractor is a big investment. You may be wondering what you need to know to choose the best guy for the job. We've got you covered with 4 questions to ask before hiring your contractor. 


1. Are you licensed and insured? 

You'll want to make sure your contractor has the right credentials. Most states require that backyard garden pond contractors are licensed in their state. In order to be licensed, your contractor will most likely need to be insured. Your project will probably require digging and heavy equipment so double checking licensing and insurance will give you peace of mind before you even start. 

2. Do you specialize in water features? 


There's a big difference between a landscaping contractor that adds water features to a long list of services and one who specializes in ponds. Look for someone who is a specialist in ponds, water features, pond fish and plants. You'll typically get an experienced designer and installer who can confidently give you the best pond for your money.  

3. What kind of experience do you have? 

When it comes to designing and installing your backyard pond, you'll want someone with experience and who can get results. Feel free to ask about their experience, ask to see a portfolio of past projects, and testimonials or references. Most quality contractors will welcome a chance to show you their work and invite you to check on their references from past projects. 

4. What can I expect from your pricing and process? 


Before your sign on the dotted line, you'll need a little more info. You'll want to ask for a quote or at a minimum how pricing will work.  You can also ask about their process. From initial quote to putting your feet up and enjoying your backyard pond, your contractor should be able to walk you through their process, give you an estimated time line, and answer any further questions. 

If you're thinking about adding a backyard pond this summer, we're here to help. Tim, the Pond Doctor, works with you to design and install a pond that works for your yard and lifestyle.